Serenity Tournament Pics

Finally have some pics up.

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Great Testing!

Congratulations to all that were promoted. In particular, Hannah Cheng on her 2nd Degree Black Belt and to Mark Yee for achieving his 1st. Great Job! Also, Many thanks to the people that came to support. Especially those that traveled in from Farmington, Kirkland, Oklahoma, and Arizona. (pics)


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Testing is coming up!

Albuquerque Testing will be August 4th.
Beginners and Mighty Tigers at 10am and Advanced Juniors / Adults at 12:30.
Celebrate with a party at the Dojang @ 6.
Let’s Do It!

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Kim’s Gathering

Master Rector hosted his 3rd Annual Kim’s Gathering and Testing in Kirtland this weekend. It was great to see people from the three New Mexico schools get together at one event. (pictures)


After many years of operating their own schools in northern New Mexico, Master Watson and Master Rector were both promoted to 8th Degree, Congratulations!


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Serenity Tournament

Congratulations to all the competitors at the Serenity Tournament Saturday. Great Job!

Tourney Team

PS: We’ll have to get a pic of the colored belt competitors next time!

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60 Years of Kim’s Martial Arts!

It has been 60 years since Grand Master H.C. Kim started the school. Come celebrate Saturday, June 23rd. Lot’s of food and activities for kids and adults. The party starts at 2pm, but show up when you can. It is at the Kast’s home. Stop by the school and pick up a map or call a friend.

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No Class Saturday

Albuquerque location: No class on Saturday, June 23rd. Come celebrate 60 years of Kim’s!

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