Pictures from May Testing

A few pictures have been posted here.

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Memorial Day Break

No Classes in Albuquerque on Memorial Day.

It is a good time to reflect on where we are and the people that have devoted their lives to making it possible.

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May Testing

Congratulations to all those that tested. Your hard work is paying off.MorningAfternoon.JPG
There were three Black Belt promotions. Jesse Flores received his 1st Dan, Keana Kast received her 4th Dan, and Jake Jones received his 2nd Dan (nearly 30 years since 1st Dan, busy guy!)BlackBeltsAlso many thanks to our visitors that traveled from the Farmington area and another special guest, Master Sammy Hurtado. Your participation really enriches these events.

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Testing Pictures

A few testing pics are here. The CD will be coming soon.


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February Testing

Congratulations to everyone that tested Saturday.  Well Done!

Special recognition goes to the new Black Belts and Junior Black Belt. You have worked long an hard for this. It shows. Great performance!

NewBeltsSmall KirtlandSmall2

Also, much appreciation to Master Rector and the group that came into town from Kirtland/Farmington to spend the day with us.  Thank you for your help. It is an honor to have you attend the occasion.

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Albuquerque Testing

Testing in Albuquerque is coming up February 3rd. Time to Focus!

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Congratulations to all those that tested at Master Watson’s Saturday in Farmington.      That is quite an achievement, Great Job!


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