Kim’s Martial Arts Combatives

Master Verlin Rector is Director of Kim’s Martial Arts Combatives in Farmington.

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Mr. Rector began training with Gene E. Wagner in the famed Golden Eagle Martial Arts Studio in 1969 studying a variety of fighting arts. In 1981 he joined Kim`s Martial Arts and has been a loyal student and friend of both Master YB Kim and Master Watson. In 1994, Mr. Rector opened the Kirtland Karate Fitness Center which was located in the old Kirtland Post Office (480 CR 6100 Kirtland NM 87417). Mr. Rector was awarded an 8th Dan BB in 2010 and has a Law Enforcement background and is a NRA Instructor. Mr. Rector also has trained in firearms for several years in several shooting facilities and with different trainers around the USA. Mr. Rector currently teaches Kim`s TKD, Traditional Korean Karate, Kobudo Weapons and Ho-Jutsu (art of firearms and shooting). Mr. Rector also has created Kim`s Martial Arts Combatives; a multi-level system which incorporates a combination of self defense tools and The Modern Technique of the Pistol. Kim`s Combatives will enhance any CCW holder with options for self-protection. The multi-leveled Combatives program will also concentrate on shotgun training and home defense strategies. ( (505)860-7685 for more information.

Kim’s Combatives Program was created to be a layered self-protection system.  It consists of multi-levels of training that combine empty hand and self defense weapon strategies and concepts.  Many years of martial arts training and art forms combined with modern firearm techniques enhance any person’s ability to make a commonsense decision in a life-threatening situation.  A system to enhance any CCW Holder’s options for self-protection.

The self-defense weapons training will consist of kubaton key chain, defensive flashlight, walking cane, walking staff, folding vs fixed blade knife, improvised weapons of all types and firearms training. Firearms training will follow The Modern Technique of the Pistol, which originated at Gunsite Academy, Arizona. Shotgun training will revolve around home defense strategies.

For more information call:  505-860-7685